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Medical School
Wake Forest University

Internship & Residency
University of Washington

Dr. Miller is originally from North Carolina where he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill graduating with Highest Honors and a degree in the Fine Arts. He attended medical school at Wake Forest University and came to the Pacific Northwest to complete his OB/GYN residency at the University of Washington. After completing his training he worked for the Indian Health Service in New Mexico. Upon his return to Seattle, he became a partner at Northwest Women’s Healthcare where he provided full spectrum OB/GYN care while also serving as the groups minimally invasive surgical sub-specialist for the past 20 years.  He established the robotics surgical program in 2006 within the Department of OB/GYN at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle and performed the first robotic hysterectomy and myomectomy in Seattle and served as the Chief of the OB/GYN department for 10 years helping to maintain excellence in women’s healthcare.  He is now practicing at The University of Washington in Seattle as part of the full time academic staff within the Department of OB/GYN as a Minimally Invasive Surgical Sub-specialist.

Dr. Miller feels lucky to be working with such a talented group of people! He loves his work. The relationship that he developed with patients over the past 20 years during their prenatal care and delivery was unique and made practicing obstetrics during this time a very rewarding experience for him. His extensive “hands on” experience in providing care for women through all aspects of their reproductive life has given him a great appreciation and a critical understanding of the complex implications of proposed surgical interventions. (A typical patient would have been referred for removal of fibroids, would have a laparoscopic myomectomy, her prenatal care, and her CSX all done by Dr Miller.)  Dr. Miller now is concentrating on his surgical sub-specialty at the University of Washington focusing on providing advanced minimally invasive surgical procedures (both laparoscopic and robotic) which aren’t widely available elsewhere within the community but also is happy to see any prior patients for general GYN issues.  He is also enthusiastically engaged in resident education at the University with the hope of making these procedures more widely available within the community and the nation at large.  

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